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Engagement Season Is Upon Us

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

It's official, we are currently deep into the Engagement Season! Engagement Season, when everyone around you is getting engaged, technically runs from Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day. According to Wedding Wire, nearly 40% of proposals happen during this time, with Christmas Day taking the cake as the most popular day in Engagement Season. Now that we are here, it's time to discuss some necessary steps to ensure you have the proposal you've always wanted!

Converse with your partner.

If you are spending the rest of your life with someone, let's first make sure that person knows it. It's important to talk with your partner about your plans and what lies ahead for you. Do you picture having kids? Where will you live? Are you considering a long or short engagement? These big-ticket questions are essential to answer before going into a proposal and getting engaged.


Okay, so clearly, this is one of, if not the most important part of the engagement process for us females. When it comes to the ring, there are two different types of people in the world: The Hint-Dropper and The Go-Getter.

If you are The Hint-Dropper, you would much rather choose every other way of telling your partner what you want rather than actually telling them. This means you constantly direct them to your "The Ring" Pinterest board and send them social media pages and pictures. You are telling your family members exactly what you want so they can share all the specific details with your partner. This might be a round-about way of doing things, but for some, this is the most comfortable way to get their point across.

If you are The Go-Getter, you don't believe in beating around the bush, and you tell your partner EXACTLY what you want and how to get it. According to a Wedding Wire survey, 72% of respondents worked closely together on the ring and shared ideas back and forth to come to a decision collectively. Nearly a third of respondents chose the ring together while shopping at the jeweler. Times have changed, and more couples are choosing this method to guarantee the ring that ends up on your finger is exactly the ring you've had pictured in their head for so long.

Both trains of thought are radically different, but if they get you what you want, who cares, right? Find your ring size and decide whether you are a Hint-Dropper or a Go-Getter.

Get the nails right!

To some people, this is a no-brainer. To others like myself, you have to be reminded of this one. Get your nails done! Make sure your hands are ready for pictures upon pictures. When you think the time is coming, don't wait; make the dang nail appointment. Let that puppy SHINE. That ring is going to look SO much better on freshly manicured hands.

If you want it to be a surprise, then let it be one.

Take a second and think about how you want to reflect on this day. Do you want to push constantly, question, and stress when this perfect moment will occur? Or do you want to be beautifully, blissfully, and truly surprised? Keep in mind there is a fine line, though. Let it be a surprise if you want it to be one. You can let something be a surprise, but make sure you have your own input on the matter. For example, if you want a photographer to capture the moment, tell your partner ahead of time. Additional Advice… don't be nosy.

Start saving for what will give you the wedding of your dreams.

After a proposal, the next step is a wedding. Unfortunately, weddings do not come for free. Extensive planning naturally comes along with a wedding. Most people don't realize how a wedding planner can actually save you money with vendor discounts and venue knowledge. Try to use this engagement time to prioritize the things most important to you, and then it's time to plan the perfect wedding for you and your life partner.

CHEERS to you both! Let the planning begin!

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Blue Anchor Love Photography
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